yamaha outboard water pump kit

Various Other Vital Products” Yamaha Maintenance Issues

Area a strike at one end of the woodruff secret and strike the punch with a hammer to turn the woodruff trick out from the driveshaft. Eliminate the impeller by placing a flathead screwdriver or lever under it, and also thoroughly levering the impeller up and off the driveshaft. Inspect the impeller for wear, splits, divides or broken fins.

Inspect the reduced real estate for cracks or extreme rust, and discard it for a new one if essential. Remove the 4 12mm bolts from the water pump assembly, after that take off the upper water pump real estate. Check the inside of the housing for wear or damage, and discard it for a new one if essential. If your Yamaha 90HP water pump has actually been overlooked for a long time, it may also be essential to change one or both fifty percents of the water pump real estate. Be sure to examine the air intake flows for any kind of blockages such as bird nests and also various other debris generated by various critters.

yamaha outboard water pump kit

It doesn’t take long for your outboard or watercraft to end up being house to local birds as well as insects, as well as it can be an actual headscratcher when it comes to performance-loss medical diagnosis. There are a few various other crucial points to keep an eye on. Reinstall the top water pump housing and also the 4 12mm screws. Set up a brand-new gasket over the reduced water pump housing, as well as install the steel plate. Unclip the pipeline from the water pick-up tube at the front of the top covering that feeds down into the lower covering. REMEMBER to constantly observe all applicable boating legislations. Dress correctly with a USGC-approved personal floatation tool and protective equipment.

Reinstall the trim tab and also change the plastic cap at the top of the lower casing. As you glide the reduced device up, you’ll need to make sure the driveshaft splines are correctly lined up. Next, make sure the water pickup tube has removed the upper covering, and afterwards make certain the change shaft splines have engaged. Move the metal plate and the paper gasket up and off the driveshaft to access the lower water pump housing.

Remove the trim tab by spying off the cap from the foot of the upper case and taking off the 12mm trim tab bolt beneath it. Re-install the woodruff trick by placing it right into its port and hammering it back right into place.

Apply marine oil to the splines at the top of the driveshaft as well as the splines on the shift shaft that’s next to the water pump setting up. Oil the driveshaft as well as the inner core of the impeller with marine grease, and slide the brand-new water pump impeller down over the driveshaft.